1. How did you get into writing?

A couple of years ago I couldn’t get this character I’d created out of my head, it was like she had a story and she wanted me to write it.  That’s pretty much how it started – I just sat down one day and started typing away.  After a few weeks, the story developed into this whole other world and I do feel like I’m literally there with Thea and the gang when I write.

  1. Who is your favourite character in Enlightenment?

It has to be Thea, the one the trilogy evolves around.  She is feisty, loyal, passionate and determined. You’ll see how her strength of character develops as a result of the challenges she faces.

I also have to say I’m rather fond of Bay, one of the friend’s Thea makes in book one. He’s one of those friend’s everyone needs – mischievous and generally good fun to be around.

  1. When do you write?

That’s a good question! Writing is a complete addiction and I do have to curb when I write in-between raising my two children as well as teaching in a primary school. However, I wouldn’t change this for anything, loving these three parts to my life (as well as my husband of course!).

  1. What helps motivate you when writing?

Actually a big thing for me is having a separate place to work – the summer house in the garden, which I affectionately call my writing shack. It’s great because I can turn up my music really loud and not worry about bothering anyone. This leads me onto my other important influence – music! Have a look at my playlist to know what inspired me when working on Enlightenment. Lastly, I find it much easier writing at night, it seems to get the creative flow going much more freely.

  1. How many books will you release in 2016?

The Driel trilogy will be completed this year, and then it will be down to the publishers as to when books 2 and 3 will get released.

  1. Do you plan to write other books?

Yes! I’ve got lots of ideas and character’s floating around in my head – we’ll have to wait and see which one is written next!

  1. What books do you like to read?

I love anything YA as well as fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. You also can’t beat a good romance!

  1. How did you find a publisher?

I was really lucky.  I had started looking for publishers as well as trying to decide if I wanted to get an agent or not. I also wondered whether to become an Indie author (when you self-publish).

When looking at Fire Quill Publishing’s website, my gut instinct was they were for me and vice versa.  Luckily they agreed!  They were the first and only publishers I got in touch with and yes I realise how lucky I was to be snapped up straight away. They have been brilliant and couldn’t ask for more out of such a fantastic team.