1. Enlightenment, the first book of The Driel Trilogy, is a suspenseful work of fantasy that immerses the reader in a richly imagined universe governed by magic and mystery. Tautly plotted, with strong characters and high tension, it will appeal to fans of fantasy and sci-fi, as well as all those who enjoy well-written imaginative literature.
  2. I couldn’t set this book down! I read it in one day. Thea, who just found out she’s from the magical Kingdom of Aroben, only has a couple of months to complete years’ worth of training in order to take her rightful place as Queen. If she fails, the Kingdom will be consumed by darkness. Along the way, she begins to develop feelings for her combat trainer and leader of the Thil guard, Isaac. But she knows Eli, her best friend since childhood, also has feelings for her and she doesn’t want to lose him. Her heart is left conflicted. Read the book to find out what happens! I can’t wait for Liz Keel to release the 2nd one.  Review: Jessica S, Educator                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  3. Enlightenment is the first book in the Driel trilogy by new author, Liz Keel. This captivating first novel is a blend of high fantasy, action and romance that will particularly appeal to the younger teenage reader. The book is fast paced and easy to read with well developed, likeable characters and as a result is hard to put down. A grown up version of Percy Jackson mingled with elements of Twilight, it will appeal to the male and female reader alike. The book ends leaving the reader wanting more, setting the scene for book two. Would recommend to any young reader who enjoys fantasy and adventure.  Review: Bells295                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  4. This story draws you in right from the start. The main character Thea is smart, beautiful and a kick ass survivor and throughout the story you’re left rooting for her as she faces a whole heap of trials and tribulations head on, with the help of her friends and loved ones including the hunky, protective Thill guards who are at her disposal. The emotionally charged ending (which I’m pleased to say was cliff-hanger free) was a fantastic way to end part one as well as leaving you set up ready for the next in the series. Hurry up and release it please!Liz Keel is definitely a new favourite author for me and I’d highly recommended this book for anyone who likes fantasy, paranormal or sci-fi.   Review: Rachel                                                                         
  5. The book grabbed me right from the start: it had a tense opening and kept me hooked with a quick pace that made it impossible to put down.
    I loved the imaginary world, Faey, that Thea is thrown into, with its strong affinity with nature and powerful sense of a feminine presence.
    The book had a great balance of tension and drama as well as lighter and funny moments as the relationships between the characters developed, including Thea’s enviable dilemma with her feelings for two of her guards.
    This book was great in itself, but also set the scene brilliantly as the first part of the trilogy. I can’t wait to meet Thea and her friends again to see what happens next in their battle to restore peace and harmony to Faey.  Review: Catherine Lawson